Our Scope

Branding services can help companies with any aspect they might be struggling with, whether they need to create a brand identity from scratch or simply find a better way to communicate their core messaging and company values through compelling graphic design. We employ the four brand strategies which are line extension, brand extension, new brand strategy, and flanker/fight brand strategy. To successfully reinvent your brand, you must rethink your approach to product, story, culture, and customer.

Development Services means the design, development, maintenance, implementation, support, testing, and documentation services and other services as may be required to create, enhance, improve, modify, update, or upgrade websites and applications as set forth in a Statement of Work. Generally, development services include; general website works, custom iOS and Android app development, progressive Web App development and Cross-platform development, UI/UX design services, mobile app porting, consulting and prototyping, automated QA services, and power management, notification & geofencing services.

Data and analytics is the management of data for all uses (operational and analytical) and the analysis of data to drive business processes and improve business outcomes through more effective decision-making and enhanced customer experiences. At different stages of business analytics, a huge amount of data is processed, and depending on the requirement of the type of analysis, there are 5 types of analytics; Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive, and cognitive analytics.

Our Insights

Accurate Analytics, Minimal Design & Rock Solid Code

We’re an analytics, branding, and dev agency with our mission being to design and develop the best creative solutions with meticulous attention to details

Clients & Partners

  • "They don’t waste time and carefully listen to our feedback."  
  • "Gachara Inc. successfully developed their platforms with all their required features. They maintained a very high response rate throughout the project. They were also efficient and analytical. I expect to use their services once again in the future."  
  • "One word for Gachara… 'REMARKABLE!'  I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my business and my products, so naturally, I’ve always been skeptical when hiring graphic designers/photographers/etc.  The bottom line is Gachara delivers results!  Not just average results, but outstanding ones!  Their service is second to none and the quality of work is just plain great.  It’s tough finding a good graphic designer so I would argue that Gachara is that ‘needle in a haystack.’  You’re surprised when you find it, but want to keep it secret when you do."  
  • "Thanks to Gachara, my client has deployed their app, although not publicly available. They mainly communicate with the client through emails and weekly meetings. The team's data analytics expertise and speed of delivery are top-notch, and the client is pleased with their partnership."  
  • "I have been working with Gachara for a year now to help promote my company. They have done a fantastic job at a great price. I have had many clients tell me that one of the reasons they chose my company is my website and how clean and easy it is to use, Thank you Gachara!!"  
  • "I love their work. They are so creative. I always get what I ask for!! They do a fantastic job in a very timely manner."  
  • "My husband's new enterprise required a logo. I was suggested to you by several friends. Your answers to my e-mails were timely, and your work/quality looked to be of a high standard. I appreciated how many questions you asked me. These questions prompted me to consider what I want and need from my brand. I like that you detailed everything in advance (even the tiny print) so that there was no ambiguity about how things would function. In addition, I like the number of revision iterations. It provided a chance for my spouse to do it right."  

About Us


Gachara Inc. is a trusted partner in the Branding, Analytics, and Development industry. The company was originally founded as BTC, a startup focusing mainly on mobile web development, and was transformed into Gachara Incorporated in 2020 when it broadened its scope to include analytics and branding. We now occupy our headquarters in Juja, Kiambu County – Kenya. The change to Gachara Incorporated from BTC is a representation of our journey and phases of the company’s growth.

As Gachara Incorporated we pride ourselves in guaranteeing client satisfaction which we have proven on all our projects by purposely leaning through each project. An added ring is the active engagement with our clients as part of our family and not just another paycheck.


To strive for creativity in every facet of our relationships, not only in our projects.


Put ourselves out there as individuals who are willing to lend a hand to foster growth and facilitate the exploration of possibilities.


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